About us

Life is better in Palm Beachies

"The sand is too hot! The pebbles hurt my feet!  Seaweed Is yuck!" Every parents have heard these words before. "Honey, watch the kids it's slippery!" Palm Beachies have a non-Slip grip, are easy to swim with, and protect your little one's teeny toes on their journey of becoming a super hero!  

Why Palm Beachies

Palm Beachies have a non-slip sole that can help prevent and reduce slips or falls on slippery surfaces around the pool, on a boat, at home or other wet areas.

They are designed to have a barefoot feel comfort for your little one.  Palm Beachies are water resistant, breathable, easy to put on and light to carry.

Walking on hot or rocky beaches is now a piece of cake. Use them at the pool, the beach at the playground and at home! 


Who are we?

Palm Beachies was created in 2018 in Palm Beach, in the US. My name is Frederica and together with my son Julien, we bought the Palm Beachies brand and set it up in France. We're working hard to promote the brand worldwide and are very proud to continue to develop it to continue to offer you a great adventure !


Frequently asked questions

How can I be sure of the size?

Palm Beachies' flexible design allows you to go up or down a size without compromising its great comfort. Going up a size can help you use it for a longer time.

How safe are they? 

Palm Beachies help prevent and decrease the risk of sliding on wet or slippery surfaces because of its special grip sole but there is always a risk of slipping.

Can I use them on a boat?

Yes, Palm Beachies are specially designed to have a non-marking rubber sole.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes! We are proud to ship all over the world.

What are they made of?

Palm Beachies fabrics are made of 93% polyester and 7 % de spandex, which makes them flexible, more resistant to chlorine and last longer.